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Full Board Review

Full Board Review is for more than minimal risk application. 

Applications that are subjected to full board review are required to present at the monthly REC meeting before the REC members in the presence of the respective supervisor(s). 

Criteria for Full Board review may include but not limited to study protocols which involve: 

  1. collection of biological samples (e.g. Body fluids, tissues, cells etc).  

  2. data that allows the identification of individual human subjects. 

  3. invasive collection method and has the potential to cause harm, pain or discomfort to the subjects (except finger, heel, ear prick, buccal swab). 

  4. vigorous physical tests or exercise regime on non-athlete subjects.  

  5. any form of medical procedure(s), use of drugs or device with an unapproved indication. 

  6. treatment, prevention or diagnosis of disease.

  7. assisting or altering the process of conception or investigating methods of contraception.  

  8. clinical trial of new drug, treatment or procedure.  

  9. randomized control trial and intervention study.  

  10. questionnaires or survey to vulnerable groups, or 

  11. questionnaires or survey containing sensitive religious, racial and personal issues. 

  12. genetic and/or genomic studies.  

  13. other studies that do not fulfil the minimal risk criteria. 

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