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Application Process

When will I get approval? 

A REC is required to give an ethical opinion on an application within 60 calendar days of the receipt of a valid application. If you chose not to attend the first meeting available, the 60 calendar days will start from the cut-off date for the meeting (which is 14 calendar days before the meeting date). 


Where the REC considers that further information is required in order to give an opinion, it may make one request in writing for further information. The period of 60 days will be suspended pending receipt of this information. You can find information on current review timelines for full REC review and proportionate review on this website. 

What if my application was rejected?

If your application has received an unfavourable opinion and you do not feel it is possible to make all of the changes required by the reviewing REC, you can appeal. In this instance, you should email the Appeals Manager who will consider the most appropriate way forward. 


If your appeal goes ahead, we will arrange for your original application to be reviewed by a different REC. 

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